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I help hospitals and patients achieve the best experience possible

My goal in working with you is to help both the consumer and the hospital or healthcare provider achieve the best patient experience possible to deliver the best outcome for the consumer and the best reputation possible for the provider. If you share this same objective, give me a call.

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About Ian

About Ian


I'm Dr. Ian McFadden known to many as just Dr. Ian and for the past 40 years I've operated hospitals and healthcare systems, both domestic and abroad and have developed a reputation for cultural enhancement within the hospital to enable hospital staff to provide the best patient experience to consumers who expect the best experience possible.

I started the Hospital Guide company after retiring from 40 years of leading multiple hospitals and health systems to best practice ratings for patient experience. This includes leading several hospitals to a “most improved patient experience rating” as designated by US News. I wanted to help bridge the gap between what hospital consumers want and what hospital and healthcare providers deliver in terms of care delivery expectations. As a result of this training, we are then able to create the best patient experience possible for the consumer leading to achieving the best reputational ratings for the hospital.

This passion for achieving a 5 Star healthcare experience evolved from not only my experience as a Hospital CEO seeking to provide this level of care but also as a consumer having undergone several instances where family members as well as myself experienced encounters with hospitals and health systems that lacked this 5-Star healthcare experience delivery. I know what it takes to meet today’s consumer expectations of a 5-star experience and I can help your staff understand what it takes to deliver this!

I'm Dr. Ian McFadden and after working with hospitals and healthcare systems all over the world for the past 40 years, I've discovered and learned what a five-star health care experience should look like for health care consumers entering the hospital.

I want to help you and your organization better understand the hospital and healthcare consumer today so that your organization can deliver the experience that today's consumer expects. This is what I speak about to organizations as well as to consumers.


My goal in working with you is to help both the consumer and the hospital or healthcare provider achieve the best patient experience possible to deliver the best outcome for the consumer and the best reputation possible for the provider. If you share this same objective, give me a call.

About Ian E. McFadden, D.Sc.


Ian's Talks


Are hospitals today meeting consumer expectations or did Covid change everything? 

This talk describes the hospital consumer's expectations for hospital care pre-covid and post-covid and outlines the differences of each. The expectations of hospital consumers have changed with in the past 2 to 3 years. Before covid, consumers were less demanding of hospitals providers.


After covid however, the hospital consumer expects more. This talk will list and define those differences.


How can you determine what if published ratings and reputation are important in selecting a physician or hospital?

This talk outlines the various resources available to a potential hospital or healthcare consumer in assisting them with selecting a provider.


A listing of all provider rating agencies as well as online reputation formats are outlined with advantages and disadvantages provided for each.


How Technology is making it easier or harder to use our healthcare providers today

This talk is to communicate to the potential hospital consumer about the changes in technology in regards to accessing and using our healthcare system, namely the hospital. This talk will educate the consumer on the various changes in technology and how these changes are designed to help the consumer have a better hospital or healthcare experience.


Some of these technological advancements however, do not make it easier for the consumer.


Ian's Testimonials

Ian is a great motivator and can communicate that in his talks and speeches. His ability to pull together the right team of people, establish the right strategy and communicate that strategy to all levels of employees is his recipe for success. He is very good in front of a large gathering of employees as he explains solutions to organizational problems and issues.

Rachel Gajos
Director, Global Compensation, Habitat For Humanity International , Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. McFadden is a dynamic speaker who continues to be an impactful leader and a willing mentor. He has a natural captivating presence which will grab your attention and hold on to it! Through Ian's enthusiastic speaking approach, he drives home a point in a particular manner so you will never forget it! He has essentially mastered the art of getting you to pay attention to the target customer and its needs.

 Darrwin E. Perkins, Chief Strategy Officer, Boa Vida Healthcare

Dr. McFadden is a dynamic and charismatic speaker. He brings  a wealth of knowledge to his presentations that leaves his audience informed and inspired.

Jim Fairweather,Sweetwater Kiwanis Club

Dr. Ian has a story to tell from the stage that is bound to impact your life and your organization!  Dr. Ian delivers his message with passion which results in enduring change.

Jarret Patton, M.D., FAAP,  Founder, Doctor Jarret PLLC, Author of “Licensed to Live”


Connect with Ian


Call: 423-404-8370

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